Marketing: Offer specials, promotions and loyalty programs to your customers directly through the Digital Checkout app.

Customer Management

Connect with your customers through innovative built-in marketing technology that optimizes your interaction and retention strategies.

Inventory Management

Track inventory automatically in real time to make sure your best sellers are always in stock.


Integrate and customize all the working parts of your services – from micro markets to corporate cafes – with our shared and open API’s.

Retail POS

Empower and modernize your multi-location retail business with a diverse enterprise system that will reduce costs and maximize sales.

Employee & Department Management

Handle employee schedules, store hours, service goals, commissions, tips, appointment bookings and much more, with ease.

Petroleum & Convenience Stores

Perfectly engineered POS system that exceeds your inventory management needs with our enterprise cloud based system. Fully integrated with VeriFone’s Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire pump management systems.

Casual & Fine Dining/Quick Serve

Our multi-faceted ordering and integrated communication system will drive your sales to a dynamic level, while maximizing the efficiency of your staff.

It's fast, easy-to-use and reliable – it never calls in sick. Digital Checkouts is an integrated hardware and software system that just works. That’s because it was created by a team of POS leaders, foodservice pros and micro market pioneers. It's the first hybrid self-checkout and cashier checkout POS system tailored for our industry and built to grow with your business without busting your budget.

The Digital Checkouts Kiosks

C brings the flexibility and options your business needs. The Digital Checkouts kiosk comes in four sizes:

  • DCKA1 iPOS Tablet (accepts credit cards and accounts)
  • DCKA2 iKiosk (accepts cash, credit cards and accounts)
  • DCKA3 iKiosk with Cash/Coin Dispenser (accepts all and dispenses change)
  • DCKA4 iKiosk with Cashier Drawer (hybrid self-serve and cashier operation modes)
  • DCKA5 iKiosk with Cashier Drawer & Cash/Coin Dispenser (hybrid self-serve and cashier operation modes)

It’s self-service with style, powered by a highly secure and stable network and versatile enough to fit in any size space.

Self-Ordering & Self-Checkout

Wendy's is doing it. McDonald's too. Even your local deli is adding self-ordering systems. Customers prefer self-service kiosks. Digital Checkouts is like an ATM for foodservice. Your customers serve themselves (and it generates cash for you!). Customers can order on-site at a kiosk, online at their desk or in-person using the mobile app. They can view menu items, customize their order and pay all using the Digital Checkout System.

A Module front facing close view-378272-edited.jpg
ABD Module.jpg

Why choose Digital Checkouts?

Fast, Intuitive Ordering

Line busting for happier customers
Customers spend 15% more on average
World's easiest to use self-checkout

Total integration of your operations

Multiple devices and peripherals
Enterprise multi-location backend
Robust reporting system

Safe secure transactions

PCI Compliant
Fast EMV Encryption
Accepts any type of payment

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